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kuro115b kuro115b

Great cooking anime! especially cakes! I love how they make the cake and present it beautifully! The arts were awesome and I like Makoto a lot along with Ichigo! I watch the SP Proffesional and I'm glad the two of them become couple! Henri-sensei was my type after all! Handsome and the Prince...WOW
I hope they have season 3 in London....hmm

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This anime is about cakes and sweets, so just for that you ought to love it. Seriously though, I liked the story a lot. It's about a girl who enters the most prestigious culinary school in Japan in order to become a professional patissiere and follow her grandmother's dream. It's really cute and lighthearted, so if you like that kind of story I recommend you watch it.

back07 back07

After 2 years studying abroad in Paris, Ichigo returns to Japan and St. Mary Academy as a 1st year high-school student. Together with the 3 Sweets Princes, Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa, she will once again form Team Ichigo in other to reach new heights in the art of the pâtissière.

Or so she thought.

The truth is, in the interim, the 3 have gone their separate ways in pursuit of their own ambitions. Ichigo is greatly shocked to learn that Team Ichigo is no more.

Before she can come to grips with this development, she is summoned to a meeting with Henri-sensei regarding a project assignment. The project: To establish and manage her own "Sweets Shop"! Furthermore, the members of the project team includes certain persons she knows quite well...


The first season was so cute! It inspired me back into my cooking habits as I watched Amano try to reach her dreams of owning her own little sweets shop! I loved the way the food looked like little treasures, the drama was fine and mostly concentrated on the sweets. However my rating on it is like that because well... the show no longer focuses on the sweets! :'( Yumeiro Patissiere Professional! now focuses on their love lives and lots more subtle drama. Though I understand that they're in high school, they shouldn't completely fall away from it. They still have Henri's project to deal with, but it mostly deals with the kids, plus if you were to just watch their new opening theme, you wouldn't of thought it as a cooking show until you read the title. Overall though it's a good anime to watch, my recommendation would be to just watch the first season.

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