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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

This show interested me when I first heard what it was about. Though I am sad it's only 13 episodes long because a lot of short anime are rushed and Yumekui Merry proved my point. The ending was the biggest rushed mess I've seen this season. The one thing resolved was that Merry now has some form of acknowledgment that she can send dream demons back.

back07 back07

Ten years ago Fujiwara noticed he had a power to see multicolored auras surrounding the person's body. Ever since then he's been having a weird dream about a war with cats. Then one day a mysterious girl falls on top of him...

randomly--random randomly--random

Yumekui Merry is a Winter 2011 anime and I did started it during that season but I eventually got bored. The story seems all interested given that there's this guy, Yumeiji (Okamoto Nobuhiko) who can actually know if you'll have a nightmare or not. Then, there's this so-called dream demon who'll do everything to get back to the dream world. The opening of the anime is pretty interesting. It started out with Yumeiji's action pack dream where in cats standing in two legs (LOL) are chasing after him and they seem to be under this guy called, John Doe (I'm not sure if this name is correct). Anyway, animation-wise, J.C. Staff has never let me down. It's smooth and looks great. But story-wise, honestly speaking, I was never a fan. Since the second episode, I grew tired of it. Maybe I can just say that J.C. Staff has the tendency to write series in a boring manner that might actually make their viewers bored and only real fans stay until the end. Anyway, the conclusion of Yumekui Merry also greatly disappointed me. At first, they were all so weak and can't even tough Mistelteinn then after Yumeiji's dramatic speech, they suddenly became so strong and fast that they were able to finish Mistelteinn. Seriously? Plus, Yumeiji's dream is one of the lamest thing ever. I mean seriously. Not that being helpful, not giving up and stuff is not good at all but, for a dream, your life's dream, it's pretty pointless. It just doesn't seem right. Overall, Yumekui Merry has this seemingly interesting plot but as you go on watching, it gets boring. Though, I don't have anything against this series, it's just not something you'll stick around for along.

Davo Davo

a good adaptation from manga, the quality of the animation is good , and the draw is one of the best of J.C staff, even if the final have some lacks is a good choice to watch, i consider it one of the best animes of this year.

XiThau XiThau

I'm not sure exactly how I'd rate this, but somewhere between 7 and 8. I liked the animation and style, but the thing is, it was a bit 'lazy.' Idk if this is a 'spoiler' but the action scenes were a bit dull, and/or lacking, while the ending calls for a second season. Although, there won't be a second season if it isn't popular, now will there? I suppose I'd recommend this Anime, because it is interesting after all. I'd just let that person know what to expect and what not to expect, I guess.

pnatwb pnatwb

Merry is kawaii ^^ but.... the series stated to bore me in the middle part so I decided to drop it. I can say that the first part is worth watching but it eventually gets more random as the plot goes here and there. Not the best series of the season for sure.

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