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Tomokazu Mikuri on his 16th birthday had a wild too real for his taste dream. It was about a girl who can only say Mone, fighting a giant thing. He wakes up and then feels something next to him and is shocked to see the girl who was fighting in his dream now sleeping next to him in his bed! He soon learns as his friends and family all girls are also into the world as well.
His main role is to provide the power for the girls to be able to fight and help save the dream world before the enemy can take it over and then invade the real world.

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NovaProspekt's Yumeria Tv Review

Rated: 7

This was probably the hardest category to rate. With the lackluster story and slightly creepy comedic elements, I was tempted to give this a lower score. The decision that ended with me settling on an "8" turned out to be simple. This anime was never supposed to be deep, or meaningful. It was a moe anime, pure and simple. So as a moe anime, it did everything it was supposed to, and it did it well. The female characters fit their molds perfectly, and they were well animated/designed and quite cute. I don't agree with the apparent Lolita complex the main character seemed to revel in, or the attraction to his "cousin", but these themes are found in other Asian media.

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On his 16th birthday, Tomokazu Mikuri had a realistic dream where he sees a girl battling a giant floating monstrosity. When he wakes up, he is surprised that the girl is actually sleeping next to him... Whenever he sleeps from now on, he ends up back at the dream world, and more and more people that he knows keep showing up there too. He finds out from a mysterious masked woman in the dream world named Silk that they are fighting against one named Faydoom, and he is the one who provides the powers to those girls so that they can fight these monsters. And so it goes...

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