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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Really surprising, didn't think I would like this at all since it was about competitive ice skating but after watching the first episode I enjoyed it. Studio MAPPA at it again with unexpected greatness. The OP is really catchy. The comedy is nice. The animation is great. Definitely give this one a shot if you're on the fence. Though I wish they focused more on the skating aspect instead of the relationship from the second half of the show onward.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

I'm typically not fond of sports animes and wouldn't ever give em the time of day but since Tumblr wouldn't shut up about it- once again I try somethign out simply because hey- I already know almost everything about it already so I might as well.
Not much to say about it really, its pretty good and its the first anime after a long dry spell of me not watching any new ones.


I really love it from the first time!!! I always dream it will be very amazing if there's an anime about Figure Skating with beautiful OST and amazing character and Yuri!!! on ICE definitely my dream comes true! I love the theme, the story, the chemistry between character, every character personality and of course beautiful OST! It surpassed my expectation and the "LOVE" theme definitely the best! Support YURI - VICTOR foreverrrrr!!! Viva Victuuriiiii!! (and Otabek x Yurio :p hehehehehehe)

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