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Enno Chiaki is the descendant of the monk Ozuno who controlled the powerful demon Zenki. Zenki aided the purification of Japan by destroying many evil creatures that ravaged the land. With Zenki having no more purpose, he was sealed away... until Chiaki released him to combat evil one more time.

But there's a problems: Zenki has manifested as a little kid that can't seem to get enough of annoying Chiaki. But come trouble, Zenki turns back into his true form, warding off evil forces once again as long as he stays under Chiaki's control. Will evil take over Japan once more, or can Chiaki and Zenki work together to finish them off once and for all?

Credits: jakulito

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BossMac's Zenki Tv Review

Rated: 4

Overlooking the generic parts of the title, the show is quite enjoyable if you'll forget all about the plot. Humour and fighting are the strengths of this anime with plenty of it to go around for everyone.

I can't believe I'm slamming something I love so much but the truth hurts, right...

Recommended for kids (with adult supervision).

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