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Louise is a second year student at a magic academy where those who can’t use magic are look down on. The only problem is she's the worst at using magic out of her whole class; which earns her the nickname "Louise the Zero" by her classmates. Louise is determined to prove herself by summoning a strong familiar to be her protector and partner. What she ends up summoning is a human named Saito Hiraga. Left with no choice, Louise has to accept him. Together they face many mysteries and challenges as their relationship develops over time.

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Syeung321's Zero no Tsukaima Tv Review

Rated: 10

Overall, i thought the anime was just fantastic! Although i don't totally et the point... but whatever... As i said before, the humourous twists and situations were simply hilarious and really makes the audience empathise with the main characters. There are some gross bits related to Kirche with Saito (i covered my eyes at those parts) but as they say, alls well that ends well.

So.. if you like a good laugh combined magic (i definately do), cute girls and romance, this is the anime for you. ^-^.

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Member Opinions

FamiliarSaito147 FamiliarSaito147

This serie's is amazing! Just recently finished watching it! This series' really pulls you in... the mixture of girl who uses Magic in a world full of peasants and nobles, and a boy who uses Science while being stuck in that world- teleported from our world. Made even better that he has to be her Familiar- A servant which serve's his or her Master. This series' does not disappoint! The first Season is Sub and Dub, the other 3 Seasons are Sub.


The best Anime I´ve seen so far. The first and second season were amazing. The third was very good. And the last was good. Siesta was a great character first but after season one just got annoying. Louise and Saito are a cute couple.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Had funny moments. Siesta got on my nerves so much. Louise and Saito made a cute couple in my opinion. Louise, Saito and the whole crew are back for one last season, and if this first episode is any indication, it just might be the best one of them all. Now, I’ll admit that I say this despite rather fuzzy memories of the first three seasons. But I do remember the plot was sometimes shoved aside while the ecchi took over. Well, not this time! After a quick reintroduction to the characters, we go straight into the plot. Queen Henrietta wants Louise and the crew to head off to Romalia, the local Italy/Rome expy, and meet up with their leader, Pope Vittorio Serevare. We find out that Tiffania is a void user, and so is the Pope, and that the blond bishie who was first introduced back in ~Futatsuki no Kishi~, Julio, is the Pope’s familiar. We’re also treated to a great fight scene of Saito and Louise versus some mirror thieves that ends with Saito blundering into Tiffania’s familiar summoning ritual. Phew! Fortunately, none of this felt rushed at all. Events flowed naturally from one to the next, making for a really easy to digest episode. Plus, it managed to avoid two pet peeves of mine in regards to fiction. First, none of the characters were idiots. In many shows – and Zero no Tsukaima has been guilty of this before – the author makes characters do stupid things in a transparent attempt to further the plot. Here, while Saito and Louise do get into a rather silly argument, that’s pretty much normal for those two. What’s more, the ploy to Saito and Louise used to beat the tattoed thief was actually quite clever. I’m not going to lie, I cheered when I saw that : ) Secondly, I feel like the plot was not only setup, but it started to move forward. Jacques’ capture was especially surprising to me, though there was also the deal with Tiffania’s summoning ritual that has her going all doki doki when she sees Saito. If I had one complaint about this episode, it would be that last part. From the look of things, Saito probably just became Tiffania’s familiar as well. I mean, Louise yelling “why don’t you just become her [Tiffa's] familiar!” is a dead give away. Still, that’s a minor complaint in the face of an all around excellent first episode. For me, Zero no Tsukaima is one of the shows that really accelerated my love for anime, so I was going to watch this season through to the end no matter what. I’m just glad that it’s looking like this will be a treat rather than a chore. it felt good to see Saito and Louise’s wedding, because whatever your personal feelings are about Louise, it’s been abundantly clear (over this season especially) that the two of them love each other. While I love a good harem show, I hate for them to end forever on an indecisive note. I feel there was much lost potential, but whatever its faults, I enjoyed seeing this series finally come to a close. Also? Saito and Louise going back to Japan so that Saito can introduce her to his parents was really sweet. That little epilogue was my favorite part of the episode, by far.

back07 back07

A normal high school student, Hiraga Saito, is transported into another world. The witch who summoned him is Louise. Although very cute, she is also very haughty and has no talent for magic. In fact, she is popularly known as "Louise the Zero" after the success rate of her magic. Before Saito could gain his bearings, Louise suddenly pushes her lips to his. Mysterious letters appear on the back of his hand and he becomes her familiar spirit.


i think zero no tsukamia it by far the best anime. i dont know why its sooo good but i think that the maker of zero no tsukamia should make more epesodes. when i finished watching them i kind of felt deppressed to know that there wasent a season 4 espically since zero no tsukamia has still got a bit to go and enemies to defeat so even it has been 2 years i still think that the person who made it is still making it


First and second seasons were wonderful, but the third season is what pulls this series down for me. Character designs are loveable, and the style is adorable, but not too moe. Animation is nice, and the story for the first two seasons is heartbreakingly cute.

Third season is fine, but the ending is terrible compared to the first two seasons.

drizzero drizzero

It's one of my favourite anime, I love the way Louise girl wipes the floor with Saito. It's just awesome. The character development in Louise it's really great, she is able to open her feeling up enough to get him in, but always throwing him back out, and bashing his lame butt all the way back to Japan... jajaja

ukato ukato

Very boring. I couldn't even remember it. I was, you know, checking my anime folder. And i saw it. And i couldn't really remember what Zero no Tsukaima was. So i started a random ep. And still i couldn't remember. "Have I even seen it" i asked my self. So i watched the ending and i remembered |-(

mea0113 mea0113

Sean Seasons one, two, and most of three.... then my laptop died -_-;;

I liked this one purely for the fact that as a teen I had written a 26 chapter story that had a VERY VERY VERY similar story line.... I like mine better but hey this one made it further lol.

Cute animation, love the bright colors and scenery.

I like Louise the best because she is just so cute when she gets frustrated and jealous! Oh and how adorable she is in all her outfits with that long wavy pink hair. But the best think I like is how she is just so shy to tell her true feelings that she uses violence.

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