About Minitokyo

Minitokyo is an online community focussed on Japanese culture, namely manga, anime, games and J-pop; mostly known for its large collection of member-made high quality anime wallpapers and its even larger collection of high quality scans from anime magazines, artbooks, posters and other media which are hard to acquire outside of Japan.


It is "Minitokyo", not "MiniTokyo" "Mini-Tokyo", or "Mini Tokyo". Members commonly refer to Minitokyo as "MT".


General: - please include minitokyo.net in the subject line.

Password Resets: - please include minitokyo.net password reset in the subject line.

Advertising Agencies

Minitokyo uses standard IAB leaderboards (728x90/468x60), skyscrapers (160x600/120x600), medium rectangles (300x250) and occasionally popunders. If you have an advertising offer please specify an estimate of CPM and fill-rate you are able to offer for those formats.

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