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CplayerL's s-CRY-ed Tv Review

Rated: 8

It's a pretty original concept, with each alter being unique to each person. Character development is almost non-existent though. Many of the supporting characters are just there, you find out little about them at all, though I guess this is the fate of supporting characters everywhere. About the only person whose personality changes is Ryuho's, and not by that much. It's still fun to watch though, just don't expect too much depth from the main characters. Cougar’s character was the most amusing, he’s got an attitude to match his speed.

This anime is almost straight action. The romance that’s there is mostly a plot device, not a main story driver. Kazuma and Kanami are a pair, though I really don’t know how old Kanami is (she looks a bit young).

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

A truly awesome and action packed series I truly loved, what I liked about it were the various types of characters and the plot twists that kept me surprised. Alongside Infinite Ryvius, s-CRY-ed is another Goro Taniguchi series I really enjoyed. The artwork is amazing and the music was very cool, especially the upbeat opening. This series is the kind of shounen style series I enjoy most because it gives you plenty of enjoyment without it becoming too much of a chore as it isn't like those long-running type shows that become stale over time. So if you like the shounen genre, but hate having to commit to a long series that's over 200 + episodes, then s-CRY-ed is the series for you. My fave couple is Ryuho x Scheris, I found them cute together.

Onikami Onikami

I consider Scryed to be somewhat of a classic even though it's not "that" old. Lol! The animation was pretty good for it's time, but it's the story that was amazing. The build up to the climax was perfect. I really enjoyed this Anime, I recommend it to those of you who enjoy the "old school goodness." ^_^

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