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One of the inhabitants of the Madaraki estate. In the past, both Adoreia and her fiancé suffered from terminal illnesses and agreed that whoever were to die first would donate their organs to help the other survive. The fiancé died first, but Professor Madaraki's intervention ensured the survival of both of them. However, the fiancé selfishly demands his "stolen" organs back from Adoreia, resulting in her death. Professor Madaraki once again revived and remade her and, after carrying out revenge on the traitorous fiancé, Adoreia comes to the Madaraki estate to help out Fran with her jobs.

In one chapter it is revealed that her blood type fluctuates constantly, probably due to her body acting as a storage space for spare organs. In another chapter, Adoreia goes to school to monitor Veronica and, despite her unusual appearance, is not bullied and even makes some friends, unlike Veronica. How Adoreia can speak normally, considering how her face looks, is a mystery.

Description: pandemonium91

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