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minayuri minayuri

Three words...HOT-YAOI-ACTION!!! In all seriousness, the only anime adaptation I acknowledge is the original 1992 OVA with Toshihiko Seki and Kaneto Shiozawa as the leads, the two brought passion into the characters of Iason and Riki. The original should've been the one that was licensed, not the remake. The animation of the original still holds up well even by today's standards, IMHO.

aureawolf aureawolf

OMG!!! What a drama (the 80's were the real deal)!!! xDDD Of course this is a twisted, hurtful, complicated story, but at the same time, I can't deny how cool is it. The ambiance, the plot, the power relationships... bottomline: is a terrific way to tell a heavy story! The sex scenes are works of art, from the angles to the dinamics (that blondie long hair flying in the middle of the air as soon as he gets to the climax... O-M-G...) In the end, it's an obligated reference to anyone who claims to be a yaoi fan -^_^-

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

One thing that Ai no Kusabi has over other anime in its genre is the development of the plot - which, if you're delved into the yaoi anime genre for more than five seconds will realize. The idea of an oppressive social class system at the center of romance is very interesting.

mbeckley mbeckley

I like the futuristic, dark atmosphere in the anime and how it honestly exposes what people do in real life with these themes: society/social class discrimination, sex slavery, hungry for money, sex, and power, betraying friends, sacrificing your life for a loved one, and falling for someone who's very different than you, and you love and accept him/her for who they are. This anime is deep, and is one of the best yaoi in my opinion.

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