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minayuri minayuri

This series would've been better if Sora wasn't some rip-off look-alike of Pico of Boku no Pico, it's like they took the character of Pico and made him into a different character and made him into a sis-con with a big breasts fetish. The other thing I hated about it was how Nami and Kana's characters developed in the second OVA, it would've been better to have made them into a full yuri couple, they look like they would make a hot couple. All this series had going for it is the pretty art and I would've liked to have seen the mother find out about Aki and Sora's relationship. Anyone who has seen the 80's hentai OVA series, Cream Lemon with the Ami Nonomura series would understand, considering the fallout of Ami's relationship with her mother after she caught Ami and her brother in the act, and how isolated Ami became from her family.

bdanime05 bdanime05

If you are looking for a deep, plot-driven, series, then you may be disappointed. I have read the manga and while it's not terrible, there are definitely some weird moments that just make you question the series. Even when you realize this series is borderline H, there are still some actions by the characters that make you question the plot for this series. What little plot and character development you have in the manga is basically reduced to H-scenes in the anime. If you just are looking for fan service and H-scenes, the this may be a series for you. Otherwise, I would avoid this series.

Davo Davo

wincest! :D this anime is not recommended for not-open-minded people, the themes handled in this anime focuses in the moral point of view of protagonist and the same time the interaction with sexual fetish and deviations of each character, seriously a very strong anime.The character design is simple but atracttive and in the more visual purpouse have the function to softening the hardcore themes...

the plot is based parcially in the manga, changing some situation for narrative puposes in th anime.

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