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Astro is a android created by a scientist, Doctor Tenma, in the image of a son he had lost to a car accident. However Dr Tenma soon realizes the android could never replace his son due to his inabilitiy to grow and lack of human nature. Dr Tenma sells Astro to the circus, which is where Professor Ochanomizu finds and rescues Astro, and henceforth becomes his legal gaurdian. In events following, Professor Ochanomizu discovers Astro is infact able to experience human emotions.

Contributed by Kritty.

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angelxxuan angelxxuan

there hasn't been a version yet that I haven't seen. I'm not that big of a fan of it, but I do enjoy it none the less. I was not all that impressed with the american version but I have to admit, it actually wasn't that bad either. it's probably the only thing that america has done of the japanese world that has been worth anything worth watching, the rest has been pretty much failure

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