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AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Very brutal and realistic, I could say.. a filthy movie... not for everyone, but on the other hand very interesting and deep... And still I wonder... who is right- the one who refuses to eat human flesh, cause doesn't want to lose his soul and die from hunger or the one who is capable of every crime- steal, murder and devour its prays next, loosing its humanity and live more like an animal, a monster.. but keep on living and as long as he lives.. he can make his life worthy and beautiful someday...

aureawolf aureawolf

Very interesting movie! Based on George Akiyama's manga and produced by Toei Animation, this film was considered "anti-Miyazaki" in the following review: http://www.scifijapan.com/articles/2012/07/27/asura-the-anti-miyazaki-anime-film/ I'm not quite sure about the reasons behind this adjective; I dare to think that it's related to the style aesthetics behind the main message: Miyazaki's style is about sublimed beauty, subtle hints and the presence of memory and magic in their various manifestations...here's quite the contrary: it's a world too real, painfully real, in which the path towards final revelation is not only hard, but brutal, even repugnant. It would seem that the general ambiance starts with the premise: "Create enough hunger, and everyone's a criminal". However, amidst the famine, the horror and the need of life, it also rises an impulse of deep humanity.

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