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A collection of stories:

1-4) "Bokudake no Ousama" ("My Only King"): while trying to escape from a very persistent girl, Kazuomi Higuchi finds himself in an even bigger pinch when the sky suddenly opens up and a boy falls from it, claiming he belongs to Kazuomi. The boy, Muterogien, was sent to protect Kazuomi, who bears the royal crest of Muterogien's world.
5) After comparing horoscopes, Masuzawa arrives to the conclusion that he's compatible with Yabana and...decides to date him!
6) Issei's bathroom is haunted by a ghost. During a bath, the two discuss their feelings for each other.
7) Kakiuchi and Ogasawara talk about their unlikely relationship and what made them fall in love with each other.
8) A fairytale-like story about a kingdom ruled by nine kings, each with bizarre characteristics - one is mute, one never wakes up from his sleep, another loves money too much, and so on. The story focuses on the ninth king, who "sells children for profit", and Rune, a boy who is always returned by his buyers because of his bad attitude. After being returned again, Rune meets Emma, an albino girl, and they become friends.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

What I didn't like about this is the fact that there's no resolution to the main story. What happened to Kazuomi and Mute in the end? Was the crest transferred successfully? It was OK but felt like it was just beginning and nowhere near its end - it's not even a case of "fill in the blanks yourself", since there are too many blanks to be filled in by oneself. There's a hint of mythology and some characters that seem important but which are eventually forgotten or just mentioned in passing.

IMO, this had a lot of potential but the mangaka wasted it on the other stories in the volume instead of seeing this idea to the end. Speaking of which, the other stories aren't particularly good either; the last one had an interesting opening, looked promising and had an odd ending too, but the others are boring, with overused plots and unconvincing relationships.

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