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banraider banraider

very strong story, i didn't expect this anime will be great, cause i really didn't like the drawing very much, it's cool, but the mouth drawn too low , any way, the anime story really tells a lot and my favorite part is when chiyuki start dancing, it was really great.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

If I ever want to recommend anyone to watch this anime, that will be for it's story, I mean about how the human lived their lives, and how they ended it, it's has a very deep meaning, like don't waste your life appreciate that u r alive and if u make mistake or your life ruined, don't give up, live the life as it should be, not mention the final judgment, I never thought it's right, no one can judge the human except the dear God, so any other person will do it wrong, I really like the music in the anime, it's what makes it alive, and the CG and 2D animation is gorgeous!! I don't like the drawing very much (the mouth position isn't right it made up too low at the chin point), I like the main characters Decim & Chiyuki, they are cute couples, they remind me of cute couple I know :p , I loved Chiyuki story (it's my reason why I didn't drop off the anime), I wished she could stay with Decim, but sadly they can't be together!! I wish there will be a second it would be nice.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

This series just caught my attention from the beginning, it's definitely a dark psychological series; which really caught my interest. And it's coming from Madhouse, bonus. ^^ The character design is really and I think suits this series. The OP sounds very catchy after you listen to it a few times. The ED is amazing, very powerful, especially when you listen to the lyrics & think of Decim.

Hope this gets a second season ^^

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