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minayuri minayuri

Pretty fun series, it's kind of like the rowdy cousin of Patlabor with the wild bunch of characters and the lead heroine, Leona Ozaki is very much like Noa Izumi with the fiery attitude and strong love for her tank Bonaparte akin to how Noa feels towards her Labor, Alphonse. I pretty much get why Leona's character design changed in the 1993 OVA to try to make one thing about her different from Noa as the 1988 OVA version of Leona looks so much like Patlabor's heroine. I like Brenten, his gung-ho nature is what makes him such and interesting and fun character. Annapuma and Unipuma are quite fun with their antics and pretty good foils for Leona. I enjoyed the 1993 OVA more because I feel it's the one that had aged better, I like the plot in this one the best, characters like the Chief and Megane have an active role, and has awesome OP & ED songs. One negative issue I have with the 1993 OVA is that Anna and Uni don't have that bad girl allure like how they were designed in the 1988 OVA. Both Hiromi Tsuru and Rei Sakuma were amazing as Leona of the 1988 and 1993 OVA's respectively and each did well in the role. It would be amazing if this series received a reboot, just as long as it maintains its gritty feel and hard edge.

Zettodono Zettodono

In the future, Earth is shrouded in such a harmful toxic smog that people have to wear gas masks. In addition, very heavy criminal situation - every 36 seconds to commit violent crimes. The greatest danger to society are sexy but ruthless lady-cat twins Anna and Uni Puma from the elusive gang Baucom, trying to steal from hospital urine samples uncontaminated atmosphere of toxic people. They neutralize custody order breathtaking striptease, which allows them to slip away without any problems. Against dangerous criminals are required emergency measures like Tank Division police under the command of Brenton, where and credited rookie Leona Ozaki, becoming a member of the crew of the tank-baby "Bonaparte". Leone and her team-mate, Alou would have to conduct an uncompromising war on terrorism in the face of high-tech gang Bouak

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