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minayuri minayuri

It's great to see that another of Kouta Hirano's works adapted into an anime, after watching the preview OVA it was an instant hook for me. I like how the scenario is developed surrounding the historical figures used in this series and how they're presented. It's always welcoming to see Oda Nobunaga portrayed in anime/manga like this series has done as a manly badass as I get annoyed at the gender-bent portrayals of him. I feel this series did an amazing job in mingling together the various historical figures from differing time periods. Overall, it's an entertaining series that's both action packed and funny (although there are some weird parts) with great voice acting by the seiyuu cast, I'm glad that a S2 was green-lit.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

From the same mangaka that wrote Hellsing; Kouta Hirano. After finding some art for this series & liking it a lot, I wanted to check out the manga and decided to give this a try. The art style really works with this series. It's take on various historical figures is very interesting. While the comedy is the weakest point of this series; as it definitely didn't always hit, the action is where it's at, so if your looking for that, Drifters is definitely worth your time.

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