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pikachu36 pikachu36

I Find it funny how i liked the first season enough to follow it to watch the second season, but yet I feel Like the second season or AO wayyy better than the first for sooo many reason. Better plot, character design, likable and more memorable characters and etc. Overall I found myself enjoying this way way more and actually felt a little emotional in the end for Al a bit. I HIGHLY recommended seeing it even if you haven't seen the first season. This tells a better story and fills you in anyways.

RenjiXRukiaLUV RenjiXRukiaLUV

OMG! Eureka 7 PART 2!!! @.@ Was so psyched out! Ao is such a cute baby, just like his mama! >3<

After watching this series, my God, 20 episodes mostly climbing very slowly to the tragic conclusion that...


...Ao shold have never been born because of the hardship Renton and Eureka had to go through in time and space to keep him alive. In the end, they cannot live together like a normal family but in different worlds. The only part that was fantastic was anything relating back to Eureka and Renton throughout the story. Most of the series, being in a different era and reality was very unEureka-like and distant. As such, I give it an average anime rating. The first series was beyond fantastic in comparison due to its happy ending. Renton and Eureka just shouldn't have had kids... :(

Aliceblond Aliceblond

I've completed this anime a day ago... and I'm a bit disappointed. I expected more from the Eureka Seven sequel, and at first AO seemed promissing enough. But as the story progressed it became more and more boring, in the end I had a feeling that the creators themselves got tired of the story and wanted to end it... somehow. The end is not a total mess but still too dull and disappointing.
It seems that Truth-kun was the only interesting character of this show. X_x
The "old" Eureka is much more better! I had to rate Eureka 7: Astral Ocean with a lower rating than it had when I began to watch it...

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