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Spinoff of Harbor Light Monogatari.
The original character designs were done by Akemi Takada.
Another manga version was illustrated by Rurika Kasuga.

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While the ending was rather abrupt, I really like the direction it went there. I haven't seen much of this subgenre, but this series makes me interested in checking out the others, most of which never got a US release.

renlilica renlilica

I only remember some glimpses of what I watched coz I watched it back way in 2003 so I almost forgot everything but the pen that brings costumes into reality and the way lala becomes an adult and works as a model for her mom that part I remember. I would like to watch it again if I get the anime.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

The story is commonplace: a girl with magic powers who can transform in a woman who suddenly becomes famous. It feels like I've already seen it! Nothing special. The ending seems a bit rushed, it ends too suddenly, when you don't expect it.

KOMIYAMA: "Don’t be sad! In few years you’ll grow and really become like Lala."

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