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fireflywishes fireflywishes

Not quite sure if Teacher/Student relationships are so common in Japan, but I really like this story. Teppei is adorable, and I'm interested to see how the relationship between Fumino and Kazuma progresses. ^_^


This is a really beautiful manga that brings you how important family is and how lucky this 2 where to find someone like sensei :) Ohh and Meca Tanaka YOU ROCK!
Fumino and her 4-year-old brother Teppei have lived with relatives since their parents died in a car accident. Tired of moving from a relative's house to another, she decides to drop out of school and find work to support her brother on her own. As they sit on a park bench, her English teacher, Kazuma Ojiro appears in front of her and her brother. He tries to convince her to go back to school. She jokingly asks him to marry her in order to support her and Teppei, and he agrees. Now Fumino and Kazuma live together in Kazuma's apartment. In school the two keep their marriage a secret from others. This creates some drama in the storyline. The series is mainly about how Fumino and Kazuma's relationship slowly becomes seriouse and how the strong but gentel 16 year old Fumino and calm and caring 24 year old Kazuma-sensei fall in love.
KYAA! Its still ongoing AND I JUST LOOOVE IT! You have too read it !

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

I LOVE THIS MANGA. O.o I fell in love immediately with the plot line, the characters, everything, from the first chapter on. I love Maa-kun and Buncha's relationship and can't wait to see how it grows up until the last chapter. So CUTE!!! >/////< I love Ryuu-sensei too, so hot... *squeal* Yes, I give this manga an A, and can't wait for the finale! XD

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