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singlemoon singlemoon

Well, the only reason why I started to watch this series is because Michel is there and I always look forward for her appearance. XD The romance between her and Cleo was a bonus too. XD
I'm not sure but it's a bit 'hectic' with all the 'interesting' interaction between the characters. The character design are good in my opinion and I love the OST (yes, I'm an OST chaser). The ending was a bit disappointing, but I'm sure glad everything end well. :/

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Well, for me, the story was good!
Sure it'll cause some of the watchers to gets pretty uncomfortable, but I think this series needs more love.
Call me weird, but what made me love this series, is the characters, strong willed Michel and easy-going Cleo, their relationship somehow made this anime interesting. As for Vetti, the weird, irritating guy with hobbies of cross-dressing...hmm..I honestly couldn't think of any way to explain my opinion about him.
The ending was kinda a let-down and it made you go 'tch, what a shame'.
Word of advice, prepare yourself for any possibility in this anime.


a.k.a "Glass Fleet: La Legende du Vent de l'Univers" Ugg, found this one via "Animerica" mini mag & thought it was going to be an enjoyable fantasy show almost suited for children. Rented from Netflix, watched a strange alternating mix of sub/dub/low audio CC, initially liked main character Michel somewhat, and moe-ly loved side character Badat. It went gender-benndy, bl-pedo, the ending sucked and the animation was only par to begin with. I wouldn't mind reimagining this one in my head but until that version is released on wide expansion don't waste your time on this series!

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