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minayuri minayuri

Such a disappointing anime this was and not well made either, there were so many flaws with it that doesn't do the original story justice. The issues I had with this series is a number of things such as the horrible choice in OP & ED songs. Those songs were just plain awful, especially the OP as it was the kind of song you'd hear in a show set in the modern day that's a rom-com, not a historical drama. The drama was badly executed due in part to the series being rushed as hell and having no room to feel anything for its' characters. I think the story of Lady Murasaki was underplayed as well, I think there wasn't much development for her character and feel she should've been the central female lead as this was her story of Genji. I believe Dezaki should've made this back in the 90's after Oniisama e... as conditions were right back then to adapt this complex type of story and cultivate it like a fine wine. Being made in the late 2000's did not serve this series well. Also, I disliked the over-filtering and art direction it had, the overall look of this anime wasn't designed very well because of it.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Watched it because wanted to know what one of the most popular in japanese history epic book is about^_^ Don't really want to read it, its quite long and I'm too lazy for books. So if you don't learn japanese traditional culture, there's nothing for you too watch here. You will find it a little... boring. But I like that animes like that exists. Aoi Bungaku series are based on japanese literature as well. That I can recommend^_^ I wish they do some series about history of Yoshitsune Minamoto too someday..

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