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Yuuma Katagiri is minding his own business, just walking through a park, when he is suddenly called out by a suspicious-looking stranger. The stranger introduces himself as Noboru Miura, a bard whose inspiration seems to have gone south and who becomes even more suspicious when he suddenly grabs Yuuma, loudly proclaims the boy is "his angel descended to earth" and tries to kiss him!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Ginyuushijin no Koi

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Frankly, it's boring and sometimes bordering on creepy. Two stereotypical characters in a stereotypical situation, no one acting rationally or stopping to think "why TF am I doing this?", just pretexts for some sex scenes. The manga just can't decide whether it wants to be serious or not; it will hint at some more serious situations (such as "Oh SHIT Yuuma dating a VERY successful author!") but it will back away from them just as quickly to insert some more clumsy sex (no pun intended, honestly).
The art is...OK, nothing out of the ordinary, but not CJ Michalski's best.

Do yourself a favor and go check out other, more interesting works of CJ Michalski's, as this one is a waste of time.

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