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minayuri minayuri

Like Bakuretsu Hunters, Golden Boy is also another favorite of mine in the ecchi category as the characters portrayed in ecchi situations are mainly adult women, which modern anime is seriously lacking in these days. Also the breasts are at a reasonable size as well and compliment the figure of the female characters, rather than overwhelm like those in High School DxD and Queen's Blade. Also the male protagonist Kentaro Oe is another example besides Bastard's!! Dark Schneider of what an ecchi male lead should be...despite Kentaro's weird toilet fetish, his outgoing and helpful nature towards the young women he meets is what shapes him as a character, and he's a pretty smart guy with a good head on his shoulders who's a jack of all trades. So watch this series to see what a fine ecchi series this is.


Oldy but a goodie really,

My fav girls were the swim coach and the biker chick, but still very funny w/ a slight touch of perviness given there is some partial nudity and he does seem to have an unhealthy fascination with toilets, but otherwise a definite classic as far as anime goes

Summer67 Summer67

Simply hilarious! OMG I didn't think I'd ever stop laughing through this series. Part of me wishes it was longer than six episodes but at the same time I don't think my ribs could have handled too much more as it was constantly leaving me in tears from laughing so hard! I definitely want to watch this again some night!

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