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The story of Gorgeous Carat begins when a trade is offered to pay off a family's financial debt. Conflict arises with opposition, misconduct, and disobedience, and the antagonizing, stubbornness attracts trouble for the characters. Things heat up when an invitation to unscramble the mystery behind a secret treasure hidden in an old ancient book. Friendship between two childhood best friends, entwines into betrayal, deceit, and deception causing misunderstanding, uproar, and confusion...

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Member Opinions

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

The first few chapters, though they have sad elements, the laid-back feeling doesn't prepare you for the heartbreaking scenerios later in the manga. Overall, I did love this; the art is gorgeous as is expected of HIGURI Yuu and the story is sweet, funny, yet has a great deal of depth.

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