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Not a huge fan of the artwork, but I can't argue against the story. My only gripe is that I actually didn't care for the last volume all that much. I liked the pseudo ending better, and would have been fine leaving it there.

aureawolf aureawolf

The series had a lot of elements to be very interesting and actually good, but I think that most of them fade away in the plot, which is a shame. Taikobou's quest parts from Chinese mythology, I understand that; they merge those motifs with strange tech, I accept that, I even enjoy the eye treat with a few of the male characters, but the plot is kinda incomplete. Or at least, it feels that way :/

Kisaky Kisaky

Really beautiful! I'd like to read the original novel.
Despite beginning to appear a little confusing, and why each part was inserted as a puzzle.
The young Taikobo, is entrusted with this task and was surrounded by very interesting and bizarre characters.
What makes the scenario even more interesting. The same Dakki so clever and so sadistic to enchant everyone.
When it was over I was left dismayed.
I like the manga much more

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