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Collection of oneshots:

1) A Coward's Happiness: the life of a student is difficult, and Yuuki Mori finds this out the hard way - by almost starving to death! Desperate, he tries to steal a bag of rice from a shop but passes out before even crossing the street. To his surprise, the shop owner (Kawada) is kind to him and even promises to take care of his meals!
2) Slave of Love: Mori plans to quit working as a host and gets his manager, Mitsuo Teshirogi, to support him. However, their boss, Yoshito Sakuramiya, misunderstands that Mori and Mitsuo are in a relationship...when he is the one Mitsuo actually loves!
3) Revenge of Love: with things cleared between them, Mitsuo and Yoshito are now in a relationship. Mitsuo starts having doubts, though, when a schoolgirl appears of the blue and demands to see Yoshito, claiming their relationship is "money".
4) Homemade Vampire: Harumi Kusamoto's life changes when Raito Yuzuki, his nephew, comes to live with him in order to be closer to his university. But Raito has a big secret, and it concerns Harumi...
5) A Child's Secret: Mori Honma moves to the city to go to school and his cousin, Kaname, agrees to live with him. But the kind "Kana-chan" turns out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing when he intentionally gets Mori drunk and bullies him in a more "special" way.
Extra: "A Coward's Blunder": Kawada starts acting cold towards Mori after the latter cuts his hair short. What could the reason be?

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Ikujinashi no Shiawase

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