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Member Opinions

Mayuuki Mayuuki

Such a cute history about friendship. I really liked of Yuuki's tenacity even knowing about Kaori's disease, and because of that we can see a beautiful friendship between them start to grow up. Shougo catched me with his cold but caring personality, and the air head Saki is sooo funny!

kakashim kakashim

Absolutely adorable!!! I’ll admit that I’m total sucker for simple stories like this, especially when done well. The chemistry shared between the two main characters and the way their relationship develops is right on. The simple art style and fluid animation work really brings the series charms to life, at least the way I see it. Now, if you are fan of series character driven like Kimi ni Todoke, then you might want to check this out. Definitely one of my favorite series for this new season, without any doubt.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Must be a bit of a pain to forget people you're not super close with; even if they're your friends, every week. Though they tried to play up the drama a bit more than I would've liked in some places with Hase and Koari, overall the series was nice. The animation style was simple, but it worked for this series. Shougo was a pretty good friend. Being there to listen but also giving harsh advice when it was needed. He even was able to apologize to Saki when he knew that he had messed up and hurt her feelings.

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