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KazablanKa KazablanKa

Finally... an anime that goes beyond the Cliché school-romantic animes
the story about hopeless girl in love with a popular dude in her school that doesn't like her but she won't give up so she'll keep trying until she gets him (this is the clashic part) but this is till the middle -and here's the big spoiler, so don't read if you don't want to- later they'll get engaged then married and their life after marriage, and the'll have a baby..etc (those parts that i liked because they are different from the romantic animes that ends up with the couple confessing their feeling to each other and/or start dating)
and this anime is also so funny. liked it


I found a really cool story (even the Kotoko being quite "sticky" with Irie)
the girl protagonist fought hard to achieve your goals (personal and professional) so I think it is a life lesson to learn! :)

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

A good shoujo anime if you like them a little bit angsty. Though, at some point things become too predictable and you might lose interest in it altogether. Up to episode 13 it was great, but after that things got too boring (at least for me).

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Nice to spend some free time. The plot is simple (it's a love story after all), but I don't like the way such a long time is condensed in few episodes. And poor Naoki, I pity him!! What an unbearable mother!

KOTOKO AIHARA: "Falling in love is amazing, it can turn a mundane life into a jewel. Loving someone is incredible, isn’t it?"

raflesia raflesia

Series that I saw recently, very nice and cool, the manga I liked least for the type of design, I find it too easy,the anime is much better about this ... the story is light and crazy, and very romantic ... Nice!^^

ai-yame ai-yame

It is a shoujo series I loved as it thrived its great and beautiful storyline in its simplicity. I loved how the very different personalities of main characters Kotoko and Naoki compromised with each other as the story progresses. It's really touching, humorous, and yes, romantic. The series has also shown factors in life we actually contemplate everyday that's why almost everyone can relate to it, like lovelife, school, etc..

lyllevelt lyllevelt

Great story, great characters! Just watch until the end of episode 24. Don't watch the end credits or the extra 25th episode. Basically, the animtors decided to 'add' more story after the true end WARNING SPOLIER (when Kotoko gives birth) and decided to show what happened after that 4 years later. DON'T WATCH THAT! But, the rest of the anime, from episode 1 to 24 are amazing, funny, touching: well told and well animated.

This is a great series. I highly recommend it.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

People.... One he'll of an anima, most beautiful and wonderfull story, nice voice acting . Cool presentation for such an old anime, may be it
Played some roll in the increasing in quality of recent released anime.

I am looking forward to some more such story line. No echo, full of fun. Thanks alot to writer and anime company.


I love this anime. It's all fluff and love and romance and cuteness.

I'm a romantic by heart, maybe that's why I liked so much this story. Kotoko's perseverance and positivism are what I liked the most. Naoki is so mean to Kototo in the first chapters, but he is just serious, sometimes you can't fault a person for not being always smiling and having fun. He has a heart under that icy look.

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