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minayuri minayuri

This series is truly amazing in so many ways; from the setting in which the story takes place to the numerous cast of well-written characters. What's so awesome about this series is that it goes into several philosophies and how each of them differ that really get you thinking in how relevant in today's world politics. My favorite faction was definitely the Galactic Empire under Reinhard von Lohengramm's rule, he was a man that had a great vision and there was that alluring aspect in his character that made me feel if I was a part of that environment, I would definitely would want be on his side. As much as I loved Reinhard, the Free Planet Alliance's Julian Minci is definitely the most developed character and he is a great leader in his own right when he matures into manhood. It has the finest cast of seiyuu that I've heard in an anime yet with so many great talents voicing the characters, you'd have to watch the series to hear them all. The only disappointment I have is that one great character left the galactic stage too soon and he was such a beloved character to me that I cried over his death when he made the ultimate sacrifice...his death left more of an impact on me than the one who was killed off later on. Otherwise, this is a series I highly recommend to those who desire to see a glorious anime, however if you decide to see it don't watch the next episode preview, they tend to be too much like spoilers.

Duuz Duuz

Dated animation a side, This series is a freaking epic. It's story and scope is wide reaching and full of philosophy of politics, war and the relationship between the two. A freaking huge cast of characters and every one has their role in story, and many will die by the end. Without spoiling too much of it, manly tears are shed upon a sea of stars.
I rank this as my #1 anime of all time, with Gundam and Urusei Yatsura not far behind.

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