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WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

The novels (good thing they are in Chinese) are awesome. I really like the Sun Knight, who is the last person everyone would expect to be the always-smiling, compassionate, handsome and elegant Sun Knight because though he appears to fit all the above descriptions, only 'handsome' is true about this man. Under the facade he actually hates smiling, curses a lot and is very devious (but he is still a good person LOL). The plot is clever and there are crazy (in the good sense) and totally unexpected plot twists and the humour is great. The author is very creative and is not afraid to try out new things.
The style of the manhua adaption is a bit weird at first but the artist's skills seem to be improving.

aozoraskies aozoraskies

I am judging the novel, not the manhwa actually. Sorry ^^;. But the manhwa design isn't yet what I imagined when I read the translated novels though the humour and story flows through quite well. :) This is yet another shoujo with bishies with magic powers - But the novelist being the slight sadist, decided to add the Knight systems and royal corruption and necromancy. Sun Knight is apparently the most gentile and have the utmost sanctity, yet the strongest Knight of all; his morals must be profound! He must proclaim the graces of the Sun God in every line he speaks! He must be pure and heavenly unstained! ..Rrriigghhtt. The real Sun Knight would rather loudly curse at the system for the wretched, pretentious life he has to live- with no women! This is the system that has been carried on for ages not known, with their strict beliefs on the characters of the Knights i.e Sun=moral, Storm=flirt, Justice=cruel sadist etc. Add in the fact that Sun was chosen not for skill but for his blonde hair, to his horror, and also the fact that he's much much better at NOT being the Sun Knight, and you get .. Hilarity? lol But the story will run deeper with truths uncovering about the characters, the royal family, necromancy and so forth. Warning: Sadism and wacky humour plus bishies doing unbishie things D: XD

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