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minayuri minayuri

I am quite amazed with this dark anime film trilogy, the visuals are amazing and Megumi Hayashibara amazed me with her portrayal of the lead character, Rune Balot. It was truly a great role for her anime career. So I was truly impressed with Hayashibara and no other could've played the role as exquisitely as she did. It's a shame such a great seiyuu like her isn't doing more anime and it's a waste of her vast talent to be reduced to mainly doing Pokemon as far as TV anime is concerned. Other than that, this was an impressive anime from the story, action, characters, and the voice acting. I especially enjoyed J-actor, Norito Yashima's performance as Oeufcoque and the dynamic of his character's relationship to Balot is truly beautiful. I also loved the cerebral aspects of gambling it showed. If you haven't seen this spectacular anime film trilogy, I highly recommend doing so.

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