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Miki Koshikawa is a Junior High School student, who is one of the best female tennis players in the whole school. With two great friends, Meiko and Ginta, everything in her life seems fine... Until she comes home one night and her parents tell her they want a divorce! What's worse, they want to swap partners with another couple! Miki is totally against the idea of an exchanged marriage, especially after meeting the Matsuura's handsome son, Yuu.
Eventually Miki finds herself getting used to the family situation, and she also finds herself falling in love. Not just anybody either; she falls in love with Yuu! To complicate things further Ginta confesses to Miki that he loves her too. Poor Miki becomes so confused!

Miki and Yuu finally confess their love for each other, begin dating and fall even deeper in love. However, throughout their relationship Yuu and Miki are confronted in so many rivalling love situations... Will their love prevail through it all? Or will it fall apart?

Written by sangel99

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minayuri minayuri

Another favorite shoujo title I like with a good, emotionally driven story with the character leads Yuu and Miki going through emotional roller coasters in their relationship, usually with romantic rivals as the main factor. I think some people give Miki too much flak for her issues and make her out to be annoying, if she didn't have girls like that selfish brat Suzu and awful vixen Jinny to deal with, her past with Ginta doesn't help either...then Miki would be in a better frame of mind. I'm glad the series ending left me feeling satisfied with the results of this character driven drama. I loved this series very much with Ryotaro Okiayu and Mariko Kouda portraying love interests and the two have great chemistry when they work together, I wish Kouda voiced Sanae for Clannad, she would've been great in the role and it would've reunited her and Okiayu. One technical aspect I didn't like was the female school uniforms that Miki and Meiko wear, they looked awful and I think a navy sailor fuku would've been a better choice.

PrincessKou PrincessKou

This anime is so cute. It made me laught an cry too, but it isn't one of my favourites if for this that i'm not raiting it with a 10, but is a great anime. I loved that it is so real, the things happen in this world and these can happen in real life too, this was the best part. If you like see real stories I recommend you to see it.


If only they were not related to each other( by marriage) then i would think this would be a cute anime to watch. But since they are not i find the circumstances of these two in the beginning quite disturbing and pitiful.

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