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minayuri minayuri

The OVA is clearly promotional material for the VG as most OVA's based off a VG were back in the 90's, it did have an interesting premise though. Noriyasu Yamauchi's artwork for the OVA was pretty with his character designs, I like them better than the original designs. The one thing I hated about the OVA was the recasting of the character roles from the VG, I feel the VG seiyuu cast were better choices for the characters and they should have been used for the OVA if the aim of it was to promote the VG. The worst recasting picks for the OVA were for the characters Rurubell and Juliana; their original seiyuu of the VG, Chisa Yokoyama (Rurubell) and Yumi Touma (Juliana) sound better for the characters and should've been cast for the OVA instead of Hekiru Shiina and Megumi Ogata. Atsuko Tanaka and Masako Katsuki were the only ones of the OVA that did well as Mamamega and Yamimega respectively.

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