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When his marriage proposal ends disastrously, teacher Kento Kumagaya agrees to drown his sorrows with a guy at the bar. Shortly after, he wakes up from his drunken sleep to find the same guy seducing him. Although Kento is straight, the two end up having sex, and the next morning Kento wakes up alone in a hotel bed, with no way to contact the guy from the previous night. Imagine his surprise when he goes to work and discovers the fact that the new art teacher, Akira Kazuki, is none other than his one-night-stand partner!

The series is divided into two parts: "Mirai no Kioku" (Memory of the Future/Future Lovers), and "Kaze no Yukue" (Where the Wind Goes).

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

A series I love to re-read from time to time, simply because it's that good. In true Saika Kunieda fashion, there are both funny and serious moments and it's a real treat watching the characters react to them. I feel this is the strong part of the manga, namely the real issues and believable reactions to them. The characters themselves are a pleasure to follow - if anything, it's fun to see Kento and Akira act all awkward around each other and get into silly arguments over trivial matters. Even the secondary characters (Kento's grandparents, Akira's mom) are well developed and likeable. Overall, this is a must read if you are a fan of quieter mangas and those that rely more on romance than sex, but that doesn't mean there's no sex at all; the sex scenes are very well and tastefully rendered. So, if you like romance, a certain realism and good sex scenes, don't miss this one.

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