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orange-lisa orange-lisa

Since the character design seemed good I expected something more from this anime. The story is banal, foreseeable and boring, the characters are as flat as the relationships between them and everything is developed superficially.

NYX: "Just as counting the number of flowers in the world is impossible, you can't stretch out your hand to save all the people suffering on this large Arcadia who need help."

raflesia raflesia

I saw both the series, I liked them because the characters are very good and the guys are really cool ^^,but the story is not exceptional, the fights are repetitive,....but it is nice to see until the end --- the second series is much more interesting than the first...

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

I just watched the first season... it was okay and the art is very good. The soundtrack is good, too but it was nothing extraordinary. I watched this because of my love with Kiniro no Corda. This series was kind of boring for me but it's okay. I would compare this with Shugo Chara but that's just my opinion.

arnis arnis

a solitary girld in school only for girls meet a director of school (sr.Nyx)he have power to kill a mosters, (thanatos), they come to the other world to take live of humans...
this is the begin to history abaut darck and light...

be 26 cap


well... i guess it's a bit too shoujo for me. like all the boys and them all having something to say to her that's different but basically meaning the same things like "i'll protect u" nd such... but i managed to finish it, wonder why?

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