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MK2010 MK2010

I really liked Night Wizard's story, it's not the most original story that you'll see, I mean, we've probably seen alot of magic-animes.. But.. this had some really funny moments, action moments and serieus moments. The only thing that I'd missed was romance. If you want more romance than the usual, this isn't an anime that you should watch. Even though the lack of romance, I really enjoyed this series. Do not watch if you don't like magical gernes!

Onikami Onikami

So far so good, I'm down to the last 4 eps. and I'm content. It's a short little 13ep. anime but it has a nice story. Animation is solid and it has a fair amount of humor. A good blend without overkill and even though I didn't completely agree with the way it ended I can't complain. Overall it's a solid anime that I found to be quite enjoyable. ^_^

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