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Madoka Kyouno, a schoolgirl in Kamogawa, is a sole member and president of her self-made Jersey Club, which is always ready to help out others. After meeting an strange girl named Lan, she accepts her request, but Lan turns out to be an alien and her request is simple: pilot a mecha aircraft known as Vox Aura and use it to defend mankind against another alien race planning to invade Earth.

Credit: Weskalia

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Madoka is a really busy girl, with all the clubs and other things she's a part of. That and she's always willing to take on more in order to be helpful XD Madoka and Lan saying bye to each other was both funny and touching how they kept going back and forth saying goodbye and waving to each other until Lan was out of sight :) After Lan and Muginami left Madoka's days went back to how they usually were; busy XD I didn't think the guys would end up staying on Earth though... I wasn't expecting to like this series, but I did. Moid always gave off this creepy feeling and he is quite the manipulator. Dizelmine fell victim to Moid and boy did he fall hard... This series had a very good ending and overall I enjoyed it.

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