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shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

I really loved the concept, plot, art, character design and soundtrack of this series. Rea's past and her decision about becoming a zombie is really reasonable but I think that's it's too fictional. The resurrection and the hydrangea leaves, basically everything, are really extraordinary, but I guess that's just how anime works. Fan service is just okay, it's not too much. I really enjoyed watching this anime though the ending's ...

renlilica renlilica

Well the plot is unique and it was fun to watch, Rea is really beautiful. If I didn't watch the anime I would never think she's from sankarea coz all the other characters are like aliens compared to her. One can't help but sympathize with Rea as one watches the anime, she's cute, innocent, and pretty and I also like her seiyu it really goes well with her character.

evilxangel evilxangel

This was something I didn't quite expect.For a zombie to be soo cute.It seems that everyone in this anime has some kind of disorder but in general the anime looks interesting and the animation is well done.I look forward for this deadly love story.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

The awesome-st zombie, romantic anime. I liked it because of one more reason. I was into such ideas also, but never thought of falling in love with a zombie. I was more on spirits and Djinns. Well, I like every thing that is mystery. So no surprise. But overall, this anime can prove to be a very romantic anime, having a great story line and plot.

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

I both like and dislike how they changed the original "zombie" monster a little. I didn't like the fan service with all the girls, but the plot is good and the action is good. I love the psychological aspect, the struggle a girl has from an abusive father and the feeling of entrapment.

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