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Tagged under Ecchi, Apparel.

Clothes that are so tight, you can guess the anatomy of the character wearing them without trying too hard.
Common markers of clothes being too tight are visible nipple outlines, a visible belly button "dent" and extreme cameltoe.
Superhero outfits are more often than not drawn disturbingly skintight.

Only use this tag for clothes that are legitimately skin-tight i.e. anatomical details are visible through them when they logically shouldn't be. A good test to check if clothes fit this tag is imagining them in the same color as the character's skin tone; if the character could pass for naked like that, they're skin-tight.
Note: does not apply to clothes that are supposed to be skin-tight e.g. pantyhose.

Tip: for convenience, use the alias "STC" when adding this tag to images.

Also see: Bike Shorts, Busty, Hard Ecchi, School Gym Clothes, School Swimsuits, Transparent Clothes.

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