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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Series

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Member Opinions

Alenas Alenas

This was surprisingly nicely done. It only covered the first two volumes of manga so here's hoping for a new season. I also like the fact that the anime followed manga quite closely, differing only perhaps in the first few minutes of episode 1. Nike is still her nice, stubborn self while Livi was just the way I imagined him. The only thing that got a bit annoying after a while was the song Nike sang in the anime. While 'Tender Rain' is her trademark song, I'm sure it wasn't the only melody she ever sang in the manga. Some variation in that department would've been welcome.

Steffi1690 Steffi1690

Very emotional at the ending, the songs are great!
But I think it's unfair that this Manga, which only has 20 chapters, got an Anime! And other Mangas, which have over 40 chapters and are very good, like Barajou no Kiss, doens't get an Anime!

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I definitely like that Nike is not your typical female lead. There's some good comedy here as well. I like the OP^^ Though I don't like how they handled the pacing because certain things were skipped altogether. Which means that Livi and Nike's felt improperly developed so their feelings for each other felt like they just came out of nowhere.

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