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In the fairytale, the Beast is actually a prince who'd been cursed by a witch to have a hideous appearance. He secludes himself in his castle until a merchant attempts to steal roses from the garden; the Beast ends up letting the merchant go under the condition that he return, but his youngest daughter, Beauty, ends up coming to the castle out of curiosity. Beast tries to win Beauty's heart but eventually frees her as well when she becomes homesick. She ends up returning to his side, and her tears restore the prince to his human form, granting him his happy ending.

In the Disney adaptation, the prince and a few servants are enchanted by a sorceress the prince had refused shelter to. Maurice, an inventor, discovers the castle by accident, and his place as hostage is taken by his daughter, Belle. Beast tries to win Belle over but fails numerous times, as his violent, immature and hot-headed behavior drive her away. The two get closer as Beast learns to control his temper; after letting Belle return home and being attacked by the angry villagers, Beast is restored to his human form and marries Belle.

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