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Valkyrie Romanze Series, Visual Novel

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minayuri minayuri

Really interesting series and I like the concept of it; the characters are also interesting and have a diverse range of personalities. The MC is a pretty decent guy even though he gets caught in ecchi situations, Takahiro shows that he is character with a good head on his shoulders and not some lame douche-bag with hormones for brains. He's also quite a handsome young man with strong character traits that I can see why the girls are so fond of him, although he could've been more decisive in regards to whom to be a bergleiter to sooner. The artwork is really beautiful and the character designs are splendid, each suit the character. I do think that there needed to be a romance between one of the girls (w/Mio as I think she suits him) plus the last episode fell short of being a fantastic finish and was rushed, I think one more episode could've made it a better ending, and also the outcome was rather predictable. Overall as who I would choose as my top 3 best girls of this series they would be Noel, Mio, and Ayako...I only wish Ayako had more screen-time though. Despite its' flaws it was a good anime and I had a tear in my eye when Noel, Mirielle, and their father shared a tender hug and that he was proud of Noel.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Kinda funny, but just a harem. At least some of the girls are cute and I like the contrast in their personalities, though their characters will need fleshing out, but they do have the potential to be interesting at least. The jousting concept I'm not too sure about that being the sport they chose, because it doesn't strike me as too interesting. The male lead on the other hand is bland and also unimpressive to look at. Overall not that great, their are definitely much better harems out there, ones whose plots are more approachable.

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