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minayuri minayuri

Truly another amazing series by Shinichiro Watanabe; it's quite engaging, original, and the story has interesting twists and turns to sink your teeth into. The animation is gorgeous and great detail in the background and settings. I like the voice work by the FUNimation VA's they cast in the character roles, Jamie Marchi is quite amazing as Five. My favorite character is Kenjiro Shibazaki, I like his intuitive tenacity in investigating the case with his renegade nature. Although Lisa Mishima is a typical doormat character in how she is portrayed, considering her bad home life it's understandable why she is the way she is. Twelve is a sweet young man in caring for her and the bond they have is endearing. I do feel the ending could've been better with at least one more episode made.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

it takes a twist of life on this terrorist threat. you'll end up feeling bad for the terrorist and the reason why they were doing it to begin with. plenty of death, violence, gore, terrorism and sorrow.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Interesting and I like it. Though I will say that I feel the series improperly used Lisa and Five's characters. In the end I will say that no one could deny their existence, the existence of the institute and the other children that were there or what led up to it's creation. The big deal was that they pretty much took kids out of orphanages and did human experiments on them, which is highly illegal. And making sure no one could ignore all of that was their original goal when they started everything in the first place, so they succeeded; in a sad way, but succeeded nonetheless.

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