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Note: This tag is for the original one-shot for this series, published from 1989 to 1994, as well as the new reinvented series that started in 2002.
The protagonist in the one-shot was Jin Kurono and the protagonist in the new version and anime adaptation is Jin Kanzaki.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

if you can get by the nudity (done properly to be honest, helps the story), gore, violence and language then check this one out. not meant for the young ones not by any means. definite strong 16+

also, has that annoying time jump, worse than the ecchi hidden throughout the entire series >.<

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Definitely a change from all the other anime of the 2012 Spring season^^ Sad that Hanako ended up dying, I didn't really expect that she would turn out to be a Player. And it was also knda mssed up that Jin had to live out his life as a hero in the shadows, but such is the fate of a true hero sometimes.

aureawolf aureawolf

Watched it with difficulties. I've read the manga as far as it goes (I like and respect Katsura-sensei's work!) so I hated what they did in the anime. It was such a pitiful waste to use such a beautiful voice like Mamoru Miyano's in a character as annoying as Kouga >:C

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