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Gamma Akutabi is searching for the Zombie Powder, a legendary drug that can raise the dead or make the living immortal. Gamma fights with a chainsword, and has metal plating all over his right hand and arm that he uses to catch bullets.
Along with orphaned 13 year old John Elwood Shepherd, the enigmatic & smartly-dressed C.T. Smith and beautiful Wolfgangina Lalla Getto, Gamma fights for his life & the search for immortality in this short lived series. It shows the potential of Bleach, but set in a desolate future.

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Member Opinions

StevOmaru StevOmaru

The first manga from the creator of Bleach, this manga was only meant to serve as an all about the action manga and in that sense it is a success. Very unique characters with unique abilities in a simple but cool storyline.
If you are a fan of Bleach than I believe you will really like Zombie Powder too.

Only regret is that it was dropped 4 manga volumes in, I would of loved to see this been expanded further.

LunaticCrow21 LunaticCrow21

Okay, so it's not an anime yet, but hopefully it will be :D I actually think this is a really good manga. Hopefully Tite Kubo does more than the current 4 volumes because I like it a lot. Gamma is awesome :D


Being a BIG fan of Bleach at the time, I decided to read this manga since it was by the ever amazing Tite Kubo. I actually REALLY enjoyed it, and found myself wanting more! Looks like Kubo dropped it for good though (-_-) Its interesting to see how far Kubo has come as an artist too! If you are a Kubo fan, you really should read it. Just prepared to be sad when you get to volume four an realize it just abruptly ENDS!
~ ~ ~
Favorite Characters: Gamma Akutabi?

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