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Minayuri's After War Gundam X Tv Review

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Rated: 10

The presentation of this anime was wonderful, despite the 39 episodes that it only has. As far as how it presents itself, sure there are elements borrowed form the Universal Century as other AU Gundam series tend to do, Gundam X does a decent job in making the series its' own, especially with the backdrop of the series not being around a major war, as the series revolves in the second part of the story of both sides rebuilding their military and the uneasy air of the two sides starting up another conflict with Garrod, Jamil, Tiffa, and their allies in the middle of it.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

One of my favorite Gundam AU's alongside Gundam Wing that I loved and enjoyed, from the story to the well told and well executed romance between Garrod and Tiffa, the best Gundam couple ever IMHO. It's a shame that this great title is underrated and underappreciated and far better than that overrated Gundam SEED. There could've been a couple of episodes dedicated to how Jamil's group was formed in order to know those characters better and the connection between Jamil and Lancerow in how their rivlary was forged in the past war. Another flaw was that the Frost brothers aren't good antagonists, they seem rather one-dimensional.

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