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Psy295's BECK Tv Review

Rated: 8

This series is obviously valuable for being one of the rare series about music.. and they do a really good job.. the high points are for music, storyline, and the uniqueness of the series..

The music is really outstanding, for there are multiple times when they actually just have the characters perform in a concert or event, and the animation is average, which goes really well with how the series is revealed.

I finished this series in 3 days.. watching 10 episodes in the first day..This series was really fun because of how the characters change..and how the problems are solved..and there are quite a few I really like listening to the songs..

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Member Opinions

Shimazaki Shimazaki

A Amazing Music Themed anime with a lot of Slice of life and some Romance. Characters are very Interesting and the is getting better and better the more you watch.
The music Heard in the Anime has some really great Tracks some are different in Genres then others.

SaraDJ SaraDJ

I found the story great, and it was a perfect combination with the music. This is definitely an anime that is perfect for the ones who loves music, with a lot of connection to famous artists, groups… but, i didn't liked the character design that much.

orenji orenji

What is the factor of a good story? And the factor of a good anime?
Well, for me, characters' charisma is the most anticing side of anime and it's definately something the BECK is full of! Although the series is lacking of visual appearance (character idealising deform.) it actually helpes to make story more believable and characters closer to us, much easier to identify with. This is, not only in anime but in every other kind of storytelling, what determines its succes.
I've always loved music, especially rock music on which I grew but before watching Beck it was some time ago since I switched to something else. What Beck brought in to me was a total rock music renaissance of my life ^___^ ... along with a lesson of awareness and appreciation for classics of rock.
I have also a friend who was rather malcontent, comedy-liking, rap-listener that time and after watching Beck he desired to learn how to play the guitar!
This is what charisma means! As you can read, Beck is definalety worth seeing even if it doesn't concern your interests. It's one of the best anime ever and one of the best stories about music that were ever created!

Northy Northy

Gets plus points for being a realistic portrayal of a budding band musician. Gets minus points for being pretentious as sin, and for pulling the old "Indie rockers against evil corporate slime" trick to garner support for our "heroes".

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