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Weskalia's Blassreiter Tv Review

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Rated: 8

I really enjoyed Blassreiter, but sadly, it suffered from criticisims of having one of the lamest ending imaginable. Guess what (no spoilers), ALMOST everyone died and they were brougth back as AI including the bad guys; talk about a major let down, they killed too many potientally important characters way too quickly only to have them revived, then again, what can you expect from an apocalyptic anime. Furthermore, it lacks the feel of the main star, sure, Joseph is the protagonist but sometimes his role got tone down unnecessarily. Finally, it portrays Germany a very corrupted country and is somewhat blasphemous, so it's not for everyone, especially if you're from there.

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

Saw the episodes up until the lead character got captured or something like that. It's probably good, probably not. I'm just not too sure about this. I haven't finished all the episode, probably gonna try watching it again, but who knows when.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I saw art for this show and thought it would be good, though it did take me awhile to decide to watch it. I thought the show was pretty good, though in the beginning I thought I wouldn't really like this show because I thought it would be about those bikes too much. But after the first arc, it wasn't as centered around those bikes as much as you would think, that fact made me happy. Blassreiter turned out to be pretty good. The opening by Granrodeo I thought sounded good, and it seems like my personal theory is right. A bunch of anime series that are underestimated, or not very well known/watched seem to use Granrodeo. It's a pity really because most of those shows turn out to be really good once you give them a chance. I liked Joesph, his hair and jacket I thought looked nice. I also liked the color of his eyes. Amanda was an okay character though sometimes I thought her priorities were a bit messed up moreso in balancing her job and her little brother. Hermann, *Sigh* well he completely annoyed me with his intense obsession with his "friend" Gerd. I don't mind someone trying to save another person that's close to them, it's just that Hermann took it way too far. His hatred of Joesph was also completely unfounded. He was just a man who was too blinded by what he wanted and wanted to believe to listen to reason. Wolf I knew was shady the minute I saw him. I felt bad for all the XAT members that died, except for Wolf because he betrayed all his friends and comrades with no regard. I also couldn't stand Beatrice from the start, and it's not because she turned people into Demoniacs, it was because she was a b****, and a slut at that, just so things go the way she wanted but ironically after all that she still got screwed. She got what she deserved. Even though her life before Zargin was a bit sad. It seemed a lot of characters in the show were screwed over in a really bad way by their fellow man, so while I did feel bad for her, everything she did over the course of the show made it very difficult for me to sympathize with Beatrice's character and I disliked her to the very end. In the end, ignore the bikes and give this show a shot.

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

That show surprised me because it was good. I though the show was going to be about those bikes but it wasn't. So his show deserves a 10. Joseph wasn't to nice like most main character and for a short anime it got resolved

Davo Davo

Goood anime.

one of the lasta good animes from Gonzo studios with collaboration of NItroplus, all has been told about Nitroplus. The plot and narrative of Blassreiter probably is considered for much people, "slow", but for people who knows and played the visual novels of Nitroplus they feel familiarized with this narrative and probably when watch this anime they feel like they are reading a visual novel..

the Character design is very good , what can expect from the emblem artist of Nitroplus?, the character design is serious but in the same time charismatic, music is dark and lively acccording with this anime.

excellent anime

Onikami Onikami

Overall it was a very good Anime. The CG was nice even though it did remind me a lot of Karas, the story was also original and intriguing. The only thing I feel it lacked was... Well... I don't know, I feel as though something was missing but I can't quite put my finger on it. Overall it was definitely worth watching though.

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