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Cantarella is about Cesare Borgia, the son of Roderigo Borgia, a man with ambitions to become the pope. In order to satisfy his ambitions, Roderigo offers up Cesare's infant soul to the devil. As Cesare grows older, he's parted from the only two people who care for him, and begins to think that power is the only thing in the world that can satisfy him. And then, one day, the devil comes to seal the pact Roderigo made so long ago...

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Lilykbork's Cantarella Manga Review

Rated: 8

Love the manga. I like the way it starts from the very beginning of Cesare's life, but doesn't take too much time for him to mature. There isn't really any humor in the book, except for a few witty and sacrcastic comments. It is more for people who love drama,romance, horror, and tragedy in their books. It's a great plot and it keeps your attention.

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